What is Re-Shoring?

Re-Shoring is the opposite of Off-Shoring, or bringing back outsourced work to the US.  wikipedia.com October 2012

is defined as the movement of a business process done at a company in one country to the same or another company in another, different company. Almost always work is moved because of a lower cost of operations in the new location.  wikipedia.com September 2012

Additionally BSP Software has Project recovery expertise with a proven ability to take on a failed enterprise project and turn it around into a profitable, efficient well-engineered and managed asset.


We  speak the same language

  • We understand US Business practices
  • We will be here when you need us

We listen to your requirements and present solutions

  • We develop to your needs
  • We understand that requirements change so we are always ready to accommodate the change

We do not sleep when you are up

  • Nor do we take a week-long company-wide vacation
  • Meeting face to face is easily possible

We know how to get things done

  • We have decades of experience
  • We can supply multiple references
  • Open source/public domain projects

Get better value for money

  • Consider how much can be done in an hour before you compare hourly rates reference
  • Reworking is much more expensive than quality work
  • Software delivered in time saves money
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