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BSP Software deliver the following applications for which we have the appropriate knowledge, experience, technology, tools and references.
We follow the Agile Manifesto.

Web applications
Whatever your requirements for web applications accessible through browsers on desktops, mobile or tablets, BSP Software has experience to help achieve your objectives.  There are multiple options including database, CRM and payment processing back-ends for example.

Our tried and tested web application technology is based on MVC.NET C# T-SQL platforms with plenty of scope for individual customised requirements. We are happy to discuss and guide you through the most appropriate solution for your needs.


Android applications
The Android mobile operating system has the largest installed base of all. 2015 Q3 worldwide smartphone device shipments show Android at 84.3%  with iOS at 13.4%and Windows Phone at 1.8% and 0.5% for Others (source IDC).

BSP Software is experienced at developing a range of Android applications including the most recent versions: Lollipop 5.1;  Marshmallow 6.0  7.0 Nougat. Oreo 8.0 and Pie 9.0


Mobile-optimized web applications
Business owners have a choice whether to develop a mobile web optimised site or a responsive site.  There are benefits for both options depending on your requirements.

Mobile optimized web applications can reach the largest number of consumers across multiple device types and be more cost effective.

Responsive web design enables mobile websites to respond to user behaviour based on screen size, orientation and operating system of their device. This automatic adaption ensures that users have the most readable format and resolution, eliminating the need for unnecessary resizing, panning and scrolling.


Windows / Desktop applications
There are several reasons why a business might require a desktop application rather than an app operating within a browser:  Visibility, in that once installed it can be always open and not lost like an un-bookmarked website. Desktop apps can support downloads much better than web apps can, with better clipboard integration. Another reason is that desktop apps have more prominent connection to the notification system for mission critical applications.

In general desktop apps have far higher engagement than web apps. For always open scenarios where hunting through multiple tabs is not an option, desktop apps have their place.


Complex databases
Structured collections of data can have wide ranging usage requirements. The data structure can be designed with as much flexibility and security for retrieval and handling as is specified. Clear business rules in a Domain specific language can simplify queries where data driven development adds unnecessary complexity.

BSP Software has the appropriate tools and extensive experience to guide you through the most efficient complex database creation for your business.


Data-mining, sophisticated reporting services, dynamic charts

Extracting valuable data from large data sets is an essential analytical process for any significant business. Being able to then present the findings in meaningful reports with dynamic charts have them interlinked with data mining at the planning stage.

BSP Software has deep level extensive experience of working with these data mining and sophisticated reporting tools.  Talk to us about your data mining and reporting requirements.


MVC.NET C# jQuery.mobile T-SQL
By using the jQuery mobile framework in MVC.NET it is possible to generate multiple interface systems on popular mobile platforms. For example creating websites with mobile, tablet and desktop support; Facebook integration; payment integration; user account management and content management.

Get in touch with BSP Software to let us know what jQuery framework requirement we can help you with.

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