How to Export Issue List from GitHub Project

GitHub is perhaps the best code repository around. Development teams usually flock in. The platform can be used for for free on open source projects and GitHub charges you a modest fee if you want to keep the project private. Why would anybody leave?

Well, there are cases when you have to or want to move your project out. Only then you realize that it is not easy to export the list of project issues. Sure, very flexible API is available just you are not ready to spend a minute of the development time at the moment.

Luckily, we solved that for you. Our open source project Export GitHub repo issues is all you need. It is available (where else?) on

To use it:

  1. download binaries from the release folder of the github project and Unzip the file,
  2. edit the App.config file to set the project name and the project owner, set the path to the file where downloaded issues will be stored,
  3. set project access credentials if the repository is private,
  4. execute the program.

If you want to control which issues are exported, configure filters in the App.config.

The source code is published under permissive MIT license. Enjoy!

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