BSP Software Inc. has a proven track record of envisioning, designing and developing highly successful projects for a wide range of corporate clients including:

Property Insurance services
This property insurance services project developed by BSP Software took only 15 months to earn its first $million.  The web-based solution is well scaled, easily handles 100,000 concurrent transactions per hour. Implemented in C# with MVC, HTML5, jQuery, Razor and MS SQL Servers.


Recruitment Process Outsourcing and Management Search service
BSP Software developed a single platform for recruiting, sourcing, assessing, matching, presenting, interview scheduling, background checks and payroll records. The application is aimed at matching candidates, professional contractors and independent consultants.



Working with a global leader in assurance, tax, transaction and advisory services.


Intergovernmental Organisations
Delivering flood forecasting and warning systems. This hydrology and fluid dynamics application developed by BSP Software for the United Nations worked successfully for many decades and is still operational.



The application was designed for maximum engagement in public spaces through crowd sourced multimedia for the festive season. The public were invited to send email or SMS Christmas wishes. Their wishes appear in a few minutes as a video on a huge screen at the main city square interrupting commercials for 20 seconds. All wishes are pre-monitored to filter unsuitable material.   The video screen is streamed live from the square. Four companies were involved in this collaboration. Videos streamed to large screens were based on platform implemented in C#, Razor, jQuery, T-SQL with IIS and MA SQL.  It took 8 days from the Concept to Deployment.

Digital archiving
Digital Archiving“Peter Gabris MD of BSP Software is a very experienced software industry professional and I’ve worked with him during my days at RetSoft where he set up a North American distributorship of their digital archiving software solution. In a very difficult market Peter and his team built a system and infrastructure which would pay off eventually. I found him and his team a joy to work with and would love to have the opportunity to do so again in the future. Highly recommended if you are looking for a professional partner in North America.”


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