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Re-Shore software development with us!

Re-Shoring is the opposite of Off-Shoring, or bringing back outsourced work to the US. October 2012

Offshoring is defined as the movement of a business process done at a company in one country to the same or another company in another, different country. Almost always work is moved because of a lower cost of operations in the new location. September 2012


We speak the same language

  • we understand US Business practices
  • we will be here when you need us

We listen, only problem well-understood can be solved

  • we develop to your needs
  • we understand that requirements change so we are always ready to accommodate the change

We do not sleep when you are up

  • nor we take a week-long company-wide vacation
  • meeting face to face is easily possible

We know how to get things done

  • we did it many times already
  • references
  • open source/public domain projects

Get better value for the money

  • consider how much can be done in an hour before you compare hourly rates reference
  • rework is much more expensive than quality work
  • software delivered in time saves money

We deliver

  • native mobile applications
  • android applications
  • web applications
  • mobile-optimized web applications
  • web design
  • windows/desktop applications
  • complex databases
  • dataminig,sophisticated reporting services, dynamic charts

We have the right knowledge, technology and tools

NOTE: we are not available for new contracts before January 2016, sorry! Always available for our existing and past clients, for community, and for discussions and short-time consulting.